Terms and Conditions - Subscription Services

All the below is in addition to our Terms and Conditions and all Policies on the Website.


Subscription Services

1.   You understand that by signing up to a Subscription Service you will be automatically charged each week/month for your order. Future payments will be taken on the same day of the week/month that the initial order was made.

2.   A valid payment method is required to process the payment of your Subscription. You shall provide accurate and complete billing information including full name, address, post code, telephone number, and valid payment method information.

3.   Failed billing attempts will be retried 3 times, each 1 day apart, when the Subscription reaches the maximum number of failures, without success, the Subscription will be paused. You can manually 

4.   Although you can checkout as a 'guest' it is recommended that, if you are entering in to a Subscription, you create an account in order to access the Customer Portal. If you set-up an account after placing a Subscription please ensure you use the same email address to link accounts.

5.   The Customer Portal can be accessed by:

          a.    logging into your account and clicking on 'Subscriptions'; or

          b.    following the link on emails received regarding your subscription; or

          c.    contacting us and we will send you a link via email.

6.   Upon signing up to a Subscription the Customer Portal will become available; from here you can:



          c.   add one-time products to next order (until the next renewal and will be removed after).


          e.   change email, shipping and/or billing address.

          f.   enter discount codes.

          g.   pause or cancel Subscription at any time.

7.   Cancellation of the Subscription can be made at any time from the Customer Portal. However, it is your responsibility to do so in a timely manner;

          a.   if you fail to cancel the Subscription prior to payment being taken and the order has been dispatched please refer to our Refund Policy.   

          b.   if you fail to cancel the Subscription prior to payment being taken and the order hasn't been dispatched please Contact Us as soon as possible. If we receive your message prior to dispatch we will acknowledge the message and refund the order, as per our Refund Policy.

8.   Delivery Charges for Subscription Services are the same as those for Non-Subscription Services and can be found in our Shipping Policy. Delivery charges can be viewed in the Customer Portal and will be updated when: (i) a new subscription is created, (ii) you edit/add/remove products from your subscription (including one-time items), (iii) you edit your shipping address (iv) delivery charges increase throughout the website.

9.   We will provide you with 30 days notice of any price increases. However, we allow cancellation of Subscription Services at any time and do not have a minimum Subscription period. 

10.   Items in the 100% Natural Selection Boxes may be substituted depending on stock availability. Any substituted item will be at the equivalent or higher retail price with no extra cost to you.

11.   Discount codes earned from the Loyalty Rewards Scheme cannot be used towards subscriptions.