Welcome to Dogtropolis!!

in Sep 16, 2021

A warm welcome from the Dogtropolis family! 

Founded in 2021 by Hannah Cheesman Dogtropolis is a small, family run, business. We have a passion for pets and over the years our lives have been enriched by many of our own - from the small and fluffy to the unique and not so cuddly! 

We care about your pets and strive to supply products that will promote their health and wellbeing. Our experience with many pets enables us to choose items that we know they will enjoy, will last and are high quality. With that in mind we are open for any product suggestions that you feel we could stock or would like us to obtain for you. Just drop us a email or message us on social media and we can discuss further. We recently had a request for Puffed Pig Snouts and they have been a hit with customers - so keep them coming!

We know that some customers are happy to buy a product and the transaction be complete, which is absolutely fine. However, we also want to build a rapport with our customers and create a real sense of community. We have started attending UK wide events such as The Kent Country Show & The Kent Festival of Dogs and will be at Paws in the Park on the 18th & 19th September 2021 - if you'll be there pop in and say 'hello', we'd love to meet you! We will have a selection of toys, treats, accessories and 100% Natural Treats on offer.

We work hard with our suppliers to ensure we stock high quality 100% Natural Treats that pets will not only love but are healthy, nutritious and long-lasting.  These can be purchased individually or as part of one of our Selection Boxes: Lite Bite, Crunch 'N' Chomp, Munch BoxSuper ChewerMeaty Mega Box or The Big Bite. If there's anything you would like to buy in bulk please contact us to discuss further.


Along the way you'll meet our very own Product Testers who would, if they could, say they have the best job in the world.....and so do we!

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