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The LickiMat® UFO combines the best of the LickiMat® Soother and LickiMat® Splash.

    • 7 suction cups
    • Made with soft rubber Soother nubs
    • 100% natural rubber
    • 100% dishwasher safe
    • Designed for Hydrotherapy
    • Excellent grooming & bathing distractor
    • Perfect for vertical surfaces
    • Great for travel, avoiding the mess
    • Size: 18cm x 18cm

Designed for hydrotherapy and grooming, it boasts 7 suction cups on the base, enabling it to stick to flat surfaces such as windows, showers and hard floors.

The Soother nubs cover the interior base of UFO helping massage your dog’s tongue, which activates the stress-releasing, relaxing hormone, to help your dog relieve stress and anxiety.

Or maybe use it as a distraction when taking you dog for a visit to the vets! The UFO can stick to your car windows to ease the travel anxiety, keeping your dog entertained anywhere they go.

Featuring raised walls to keep food and saliva inside the bowl for mess-free slow-feeding and entertainment. Made from 100% natural rubber, the UFO is both freezer and dishwasher friendly.

Spread your dog's favourite treat (e.g. cream cheese, doggy peanut butter) on the Splash. Make sure to cover the whole surface. Push firmly onto any smooth surface at a comfortable height for your dog.
To release gently lift the tags on the sides of the suction cap.

TIP: for a stronger suction hold, wet with just water, the area where the suction cap will stick.

    • Yoghurt
    • Peanut butter
    • Cream/cottage cheese
    • Pureed fruit/vegetables
    • Baby food, canned fish
    • Freeze-dried/raw food or canned pet food

Xylitol is harmful to pets - check ingredients on all treats prior to use.

Talk to your vet for food safety advice.

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