Pure Pork | 100% Natural Treat Box

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This box contains Pure Pork, single-protein products. They're all 100% natural, simply air-dried with NO additives or preservatives.

Suitable for puppies 12+ weeks (See additional Info)

What's included?

x2 Pigs Ears
x2 Pork Rind Rolls
x3 Pork Sausages
x2 Puffed Pig Snouts
x2 Pig Snouts
x1 Pigs Trotter
100g Porky Bites

Composition: 100% Pork

For more information regarding each item please see individual product pages.

Recommended for puppies 12+ weeks. However, the following is the recommended age for each product:

8+ weeks:
Pork Sausages

12+ weeks:
Pigs Ears
Pork Rind Rolls
Puffed Pig Snouts
Pig Snouts
Pigs Trotter
100g Porky Bites

The 100g products will come pre-packed.

This is a natural product and size and weight may vary.

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